Sustainable Heating and Cooling


Sustainable Heating and Cooling

Our Main Furnaces

We provide Day and Night Gas furnaces- these units have all been 100% run and tested to deliver energy efficiency, reliability and the best quality. We focus mostly on construction related furnace instillation, but we also do replacements, tune-ups, and services calls, based on your needs. 


New home instillation

We do custom fit units for each heating that we are working on. When needing custom design instillation we use custom made sheet metal that is made to fit the home or building. Part of our installation process is to optimize efficiency to help minimize your operating costs, and conserve as much space in your home, as we can. 


Replacements, Tune-Ups, & Service Calls

When it comes to replacements, tune ups, and service calls we strive to do the best we can to set you up with a system that will fit your budget, along with reaching your needs, and respecting your time.




The main boilers that we use are Bosch. Sustainability and energy efficiency is most important to us, so we want to make sure we are getting your the most bang for your buck, while also protecting the climate and our environment. On replacement boilers on 80% are Slant/Fin, which has been around since 1949.


In Floor Heating

We install in floor heating of all types. In fact did you know that there are MANY different ways to install in floor heating a few of the most popular ways we install in floor heat is.


  • Staple to insulation for concrete floors.

  • Staple to sub floor for tile instillations/ tiles floors.

  • Staple up for retrofit applications.


Sure... these are the most popular ways to do it but our installers know how to choose the best way for your home/ building, and install it to the best standards.  At Sustainable Heating and Cooling we also install snowmelt systems. This is where we put tubing (in floor heat) in your driveway and sidewalks to take away hassle shoveling and plowing in these cold Minnesota winters! What these systems do is literally heat your walkways and driveway so it melts the snow.