Sustainable Heating and Cooling


Sustainable Heating and Cooling

Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air in a home, building, and structure. It relates to the health and comfort of the structures occupants. We take indoor air quality very seriously here at Sustainable Heating and Cooling INC. because we want to not only deliver sustainability, but also give our customers the best products that keep them healthy and safe. Indoor air quality is air cleaning, humidification, and air born allergy control. 


Some Of The Products We Use

LifeBreath Air Exchangers: LifeBreath has been around for over 30 years

"We believe breathing fresh, clean air is at the core of a healthy home."- 


AprilAire Humidifiers and Air Cleaners: AprilAire has been committed to innovative air quality solutions since 1938.


Honey Well Air Cleaners: "Honeywell has always catered to its consumers by providing incredibly resilient and effective filters for all of their products."


Ultra Violet Lights- We mostly use the Ultravation Brand. Ultra Violet Lights are used for sterilizing the air. They are in the forced air systems above the cooling coil in the furnace to kill mold at its origin, and take out/kill air born mold.